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The Truth About Medical Marijuana People have countless different illogical statements about marijuana. But not all are true. Before believing these statements about marijuana, have you even read any reliable information about it? Well then, let us study about these sayings so we can validated the authenticity of these statements. I. Marijuana is addicting. This statement is incorrect. It is not addicting. In medical researches, there are more things that can be addiction than marijuana such as nicotine, alcohol and caffeine. OxyCotin and marijuana are similar. A drug approved by the FDA and is being used as a painkiller was abused by 20.4 million Americans in the year 2006. Compared to OxyCotin, medical marijuana is way harmless to people when used properly. II. Marijuana has a negative drawback in your body. FDA-approved drugs cause thousand of fatalities each year. It may seem unbelievable, but there are no records of deaths that is caused by marijuana. The stigma of marijuana causing cancer same to cigarettes is false. A normal person who smoke cigarettes can consume twenty sticks or more everyday. The consumption of medicinal marijuana is much lesser than a consumption of an average smoker in a day.
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Marijuana can cause a deteriorating immune system. This was concluded on a research about medicinal marijuana in 1980. After that particular experiment, the following experiments related to that have never had similar conclusions. Marinol is being legally accepted to the public. It is an artificial form of THC that cures diseases that assault the immune system such as HIV.
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IV. Marijuana is not medicinal. This statement is incorrect. AIDS, arthritis, migraine, cancer, and anorexia can be treated with marijuana according to researches. But also, it has more illness that it can treat such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and insomnia. Its recent biggest experiment is that if it can treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease. If being legalized, the public will abuse and sell it illegally. It cannot be legalized because people are having the stigma that it will only cause addiction. There are permitted drugs that are being abused every day such sleeping pills and painkillers. The thought of letting the patients die with AIDS and other severe diseases without giving them a chance for these hopeful treatment is just a disgrace. Listed above are just a few examples of these illogical myths. Gather reliable data and analyze the articles you have read and then weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this topic. People should start accepting the truth about this medicinal plant before it is too late.

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